Literal dream job alert: you can get paid $24,000 to sleep for 70 days

trending 14/09/2018

Imagine literally getting paid to sleep - we don't think there's any job we'd be better at tbh! And now it's actually a real option.

NASA is conducting a 'bed rest' study to see how the human body adapts to weightlessness, and it's reportedly offering up $24,000 NZD to the participants. 

They say developing countermeasures for the effects of space flight often requires investigators to rely on human subjects for data collection. They basically need volunteers to live, eat, and even shower in the same position to study how the body would adapt if it were in space.

Results will benefit both astronauts as well as bed-ridden people here on Earth, with more understanding on how their bodies are functioning. 

So what they're basically saying is they will pay you to sleep for 70 days straight, and you'll be helping the future of our planet in the process. 

Where do we sign up?! You can check out more info here.