KJ Apa hilariously recreates Lili Reinhart's topless pic

scandal 17/09/2018

As if we couln't love KJ Apa anymore! 

Last week, to celebrate Lili Reinhart's birthday, Cole Sprouse posted a topless pic on Insta which 100% confirmed that there's something going on between them (even if they won't admit it).

Considering how close the cast of Riverdale is, it's no surprise that KJ decided to play a wee joke on Cole and Lili when he saw it.

Casey Cott, a.k.a Kevin Keller, posted a pic on Insta of KJ recreating Lili's pose along with the exact same caption:

Both the birthday and my gift. My little muse, have a good day my love.

Cole Sprouse couldn't help but comment on the photo saying "bReAK tHe InTeRnET".