KFC will pay you $16,000 to name your child after Colonel Sanders

trending 07/09/2018

How much do you love the ol' k fry? Enough to name your precious bundle of joy after it? What if we told you there was a large sum of money in it for you?

Yup, we're not joking, KFC are offering anyone willing to name their child after the mascot of the fast food chain $11,000 US dollars. That's equivalent to $16,724 NZD to be percise. That's a LOT of cash... All you have to do is name your kid Harland, after the Colonel.

There's another catch though - your baby needs to be born on September 9th, the same as Harland Sanders. 

Applications will be selected by KFC, and the winner will be announced on October 9th. So it sounds like a lot of non-winning babies are going to be stuck cashless with the name Harland for the rest of their lives. 

It's a pretty good marketing campaign we reckon - even the cash amount has meaning - $11,000 for 11 herbs and spices. Get it?

Any mothers-to-be willing to take the gamble? We would tbh...