How did we miss 'To All The Boys I've Loved Before' Peter in this music video!?

scandal 11/09/2018

Peter a.k.a Noah Centino is taking the world by storm atm after starring in 'To All The Boys I've Loved Before' but it turns out Camila Cabello was onto him before any of us!

Think back to earlier this year when we were all listening to Camila's song 'Havana' at least 372 times a day.

It was the biggest song in the world, the music video's gotten over 650 MILLION views on Youtube and we've only just noticed now Noah was the hottie Camila was kissing in the street!

In an interview with Vulture, Noah talked about the role saying:

My manager calls me one day, like, 'Hey man, we’ve got this opportunity for you to be in a music video. I don’t know if you’re going to want to do it …' I’m like, Well who is the artist? He said Camila Cabello, 'Havana.' I was like, Dude you don’t even know. My sister just showed me this song like a week ago, I love this song, I am in 100 percent.

Noah went on to talk about how amazing it was working with Camila:

So I get there and they put me in this incredible suit. They give me gold rings and necklaces, my hair is slicked back, and I look all Cubano. And then they take me to set and Camila is there, and she is, like, the kindest, smallest, most loving creature ever. She had so much energy.

Here's the music video again so you see Noah for yourself!