Hilary Barry shuts down troll on Twitter like the queen she is


Hilary Barry is basically the modern Mother of the Nation (soz Judy Bailey ily). Hilary is all over our screens and an all round good B.

Lately she got some unwanted negative feedback on Twitter but being the gem that she is, rather than it getting her down, she replied to the troll.

Here's her tweet that got the troll worked up:

And it's a good point...you don't babysit your own kid, NZ Herald 🙄

Then this happened:

Someone (they've since deleted their account...) replied to her tweet: "shut up you stupid c**t. Nobody gives a f**k about your pedantic bullshit. Bloody picking every little thing out".

Alright, mate. Luckily Hilary had the perfect response:

Can we just communicate in gifs how perf this is?