Here's everything you need to know about the Apple announcement this morning


It's Apple day! 

Apple have unveiled three new iPhones, it’s largest smartphone ever and a cheaper version that boasts the high-end features of its iPhone X.

The event kicked off with the Apple Watch 4 series.


The Apple Watch 4 series was unveiled.

It’s the first major design overhaul of the Watch since its debut more than three years ago.

He highlighted the health benefits of such a device by features such as automatically notifying users you if it detects they have an elevated heart rate.

“Apple Watch has become an intelligent guardian for your health,” he said. “In these areas of staying connected, exercise and monitoring your health, today we’re taking Apple watch to the next level.”

Apple also has a raft of new screen displays and new hardware. It has an improved speaker and microphone and is 50 per cent louder which will help when engaging with Siri.

“You just won’t believe the sound you get out of such a small device,” Mr Williams said. 


As expected, Apple is releasing a larger size iPhone which takes the features and capabilities of last year’s iPhone X and puts them in a bigger device.

Apple will release an iPhone XS with a 5.8 inch super retina OLED screen display and an iPhone XS Max which is about the size of the existing iPhone 8 Plus, but with much more screen. These are essentially more powerful versions of last year's iPhone.

“This is the biggest display ever on an iPhone,” Phil Schiller, Apple’s SVP of Worldwide Marketing, said.

The front of the two iPhones are completely covered in a glass finish that is “the most durable glass ever on a smartphone.”

The iPhones come in three different colours: gold, silver and space grey and the devices are the most dust and water resistant yet.

Apple says if you drop your phone in a pool, for example, you will be able to jump in and grab it and be confident that it will be unharmed from the journey.

Apple say the phone is significantly faster, for example, apps will launch about 30 per cent faster.

It also means great new camera and augmented reality capabilities. One of the most interesting and cool new abilities is the fact that users will be able to change the depth of field in a photograph after it has been taken while editing in post production inside the camera app.

“This is done after you’ve taken it. This has not been possible in photography with any kind of camera,” Mr Schiller said. “This is a new era of photography.

For the first time Apple is bringing dual SIM capability with the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.


The iPhone Xr was also announced. This one is the sort of more reasonably priced new addition to the team. It comes in different colours (white, black, blue, yellow, coral and red). Release date is to come for this one!

And because we know everyone cares about price and size, here's an idea of what these phones will set ya back!

  64GB 256GB 512GB
iPhone Xs $1,899 $2,199 $2,599
iPhone Xs Max $2,099 $2,399 $2,799
iPhone Xr $1,399 $1,499 $1,699