Being lazy can help you live longer so now you don't have to feel bad

trending 28/09/2018

A team of researchers from the University of Kansas and Oxford University have discovered that the key to living a long life may lie in the ability to chill - we're loving the sound of this.

While exercise is without a doubt good for your health (we're not saying you shouldn't look after your body!), newfound data shows the benefits of being lazy on your lifespan. 

The report from the universities analysed fossils dating back to 5 million years ago up until today, looking at nearly 300 different species and their metabolic rates (how much energy they need to survive in a day). The research found that species that required more energy to survive were more likely to die out quickly, while species who's energy levels stayed low were more likely to survive.

So yes, being a couch potato may actually have some health benefits. In saying that, it's still important to get a little active regularly. "You can't just decide to be lazy as an individual and expect to live longer," the lead study author Luke Strotz, a postdoctoral researcher at Kansas University's Biodiversity Institute and Natural History Museum said. 

Basically it's all about balance - overexercising may be damaging to your health, and never getting off the couch will do the same. Just listen to your body, and if you don't feel like being super active: chill! 

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