'The Bachelor AU' star just confirmed she was a paid actress on the show

scandal 07/09/2018

SPOILER ALERT: We've got some serious bach goss from across the ditch so if you don't want us to spoil some of the show for you, stop reading now!

Still here? We don't blame you. This is juicy AF.

One of the villians on the show, Romy Poulier just confirmed that she was a paid actress on the show. Yup, we weren't joking about it being juicy.

While talking with Kiis FM's Kylie and Jackie O this week, Romy was asked by an anonymous caller if she was a "paid plant".

I have a friend of a friend who has come and said — now, they know your brother, Romy — and he has said that you’re a paid plant,

Romy didn't shy away from the question either replying with:

I’m an actor. There’s all these rumours going around that I’ve been paid,
Well, look. I’m an actor and I was paid on the show, as was everyone else. My trade is acting, so you do the math.

YOU DO THE MATH? That looks like a whole lot of 2+2= PAID TO BE ON THE SHOW.

Romy did backtrack shortly after though saying that she wasn't a 'plant'

I auditioned. I went through the same process as everyone else, But we are a cast, after all.