'Grey's Anatomy' shows Merideth's new hook up in first trailer for season 15

scandal 11/09/2018

Don't freak out but your first look at new Grey's is finally here!

Before we go on, can we talk about how that gif just gets better and better the longer you watch it...ok, back to the story.

With less than a month until the season 15 of Grey's Anatomy starts, the show's finally put out the first trailer, and there's a lot going on.

To start things off we get introduced to the two new hot docs, one of which is going to be the new Callie Torres. If two hotties weren't enough, they then touch on last season's bombshell that (spoiler alert incase you haven't watched the finale....) that Teddy's back and 11 weeks pregnant.


The biggest part of the trailer, which even they call a 'jaw-dropping twist', is when we get a shot of Meredith and Dr. Andrew Deluca a.k.a Meredith's sister Maggie's ex, in bed together making out. 

We know, that alone deserves this gif again.

It's no surprise with all that drama the season premiere is going to be 2 hours long on September 27th.

Check out the full trailer below.