'Brooklyn Nine Nine' season 5 is finally on Netflix, which is toit

scandal 28/09/2018

As Jake Peralta would say, this is definitely 'toit'!

Earlier this month we got our first look from the set of Brooklyn Nine Nine's season 6, the same season that was cancelled until NBC came to save the day.

But if you thought that was the best 99 news to happen this month well, hold up because like Terry's never ending supply of yoghurt, we're not done yet.

After a long wait, season 5 of the show is finally out on Netflix TODAY. 

If you haven't caught up on the show yet, don't worry, Netflix has kindly done the calculations to show it's not to late to get your binge on and watch the new season:

And to get you more excited, Episode 16's cold open is the one were Jake get's the crimals to sing Backstreet Boys (a.k.a the best scene from the show ever).