Watch the adorable moment Drake & Josh reunited to celebrate Josh's baby news

scandal 29/08/2018

Josh Peck recentely announced that he was going to be a dad and now we get to see the moment he told Drake that he was pretty much going to be an uncle!

This week Josh uploaded a video to his Youtube channel with the simple yet straight to the point title of 'TELLING FRIENDS MY WIFE IS PREGNANT!!'.

Drake pops into the video around 11.40 and starts of by saying "What's going man?" when Josh replied with "Just having a baby."

From their the video just hit us right in the feels with Drake saying how wild the news was and asking "Can they call me Uncle?" and how could Josh say no to that!

"I'm so happy for you, man. So cool," Drake added with Josh saying "Thank you, man. Love you."

Check out the full vid below: