This cat is in line to get an honorary degree from Warwick University

trending 10/08/2018

We're over here barely managing to keep our lives together, meanwhile this CAT is in line to get a degree from university. Yes, you read that right.

Rolf the cat has taken up permanent residence at Warwick University in the UK, making an almost kilomete long journey each day to get there. 

His owner, Helen, said Rolf first started disappearing for four to five days at a time, and she didn't know if he was still alive.

Helen kept receiving calls from different departments of the university saying they had her cat, and that he wouldn't stay away.

"He invades classes regularly and on one occasion invaded a class about the roles of animals in Shakespeare, meowing loudly. He is friends with the security team at the university and they bring him home all the time. We have learned a lot about cats who roam and he is unusual" Helen says.

He can travel up to 3km a day, when most domestic cats rarely wander beyond 200m, and he's gotten good at finding his way into buildings he shouldn't.

"He knows how to get into the Oculus building through a revolving door and goes up seven stories in the lift. Students know him well. If they live on the ground floor and leave their bedroom windows open they will sometimes go in and find him asleep on their bed."

Helen worries Rolf annoys people but is constantly reassured people love him. He even has a major following on Twitter, and people are campaigning to have him given an honourary degree to the university.

Go Rolf, we reckon you deserve it!