The house from 'Twilight' is for sale! (Edward not included)

trending 17/08/2018

Bella Swan's house from 'Twilight' is on the market, so all you vamp fans better get saving.

The 1935 four-bedroom, two-bathroom house is in St Helens, Oregon, is for sale for $532,838 NZD. You won't find those kind of prices in Auckland!

Owner Dean Koenig commented "You cannot convey what it's like watching a movie and seeing people in the movie cooking in your kitchen. It makes you sit up in your seat."

"In the scene where Charlie meets Edward for the first time. He's cleaning a gun at my dining room table in my dining room sitting on one of my chairs. That is a really crazy thing to see on a big screen."

The house was featured in the 2008 'Twilight' movie, where Bella Swan lived with her dad Charlie. It was completely repainted and spruced up for filming by a production team, so it'll be in pretty good nick!

"The house itself is just beautiful, with a view of the river, and deer in the yard, but the movie added a whole other dimension to it. I've kept the house as it was from the movie," Koenig said.

Koenig said the house was replicated on a studio soundstage for the other films in the franchise. 

Unfortunately for us it looks like the house doesn't come with any babe'in vamps or wolves... but you never know, they might show up eventually!

"There have been no vampires, no werewolves sighted. Just deer" Koenig said.