The best music to help you sleep, according to science

trending 31/08/2018

We all know the feeling - you're absolutely exhausted all day until you finally get to climb into bed, and what does your brain do? Decides to stress over everything and anything under the sun. Yeah cool. Just what we wanted.

Well thankfully a new study has found the best music to help you fall asleep, and distract you from all those unwanted thoughts. 

The study presented at the 2018 European Society of Cardiology Congress revealed that listening to yoga music - soothing, meditative music - before bedtime significantly reduces anxiety. It also found that participants felt significantly more positive after the yoga music than they did in comparison to listening to pop music.  

So there you go. Post Malone or Cardi B probably aren't the best options for bedtime, so you might want to get crafting a new sleepy playlist for yourself!