The Bachelor's Cass claps back at show for making her look like a 'stage five clinger'

scandal 29/08/2018

If you're sitting there watching The Bachelor AU thinking 'damn, that Cass sure is clingy' then you're not alone.

But in a new interview, Cass has hit back at the show and the haters for the 'unfair' label.

While talking with TV WEEK, Cass said so far we've only been shown a one-sided view of her relationship with Nick.

So far, all we've seen is me being very into Nick, A lot of the conversations between Nick and I haven't yet been shown

In another interview with The Daily Telegraph, Cass said even though she was excited to see that the Honeybadger was this year's Bachelor, she blamed the editing for making her look like a 'stage five clinger' in the first ep.

I didn't know I would be featured this much. The first episode was pretty hard to watch because they only show certain things. It is not a true portrayal of me and what people are saying that I am a stage five clinger and a stalker. It is nasty and untrue.