NZ Police use KFC chips and buns to catch wild animal on the loose

trending 14/08/2018

KFC, everyone loves it, even if you're a 150kg pig on the loose in Waihi.

Over the weekend, a large 'boarish' pig was spotted on the loose in Waihi, Bay Of Plenty, sparking a response from the local police. 

Unable to stop the runaway pig at first, luckily nearby staff at a nearby KFC came to the rescue with some quick thinking. 

"They fed it KFC chips and bread rolls to distract the pig and stop it running down Seddon St." Constable Harley North told Gold FM.

Left to eat his finger licking good meal, the officers were able to move the pig into a makeshift pen and left to "contemplate his sinful behaviour".

We hope the police learn something from this, if they're ever wanted to catch a criminal, just offer up some KFC because no one can say no to Colonel.