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MAFS AU Tracey just opened up about her recent suicide attempt

scandal 13/08/2018

In a recent interview with New Idea, MAFS AU's Tracey has opened up about a recent attempt at taking her own life while on holiday in Berlin seven weeks ago.

Talking with the magazine, Tracey said she wasn't in the best head space before leaving with her now ex-partner, Patrick Kedemos.

"I’ve been bullied and cyber-trolled relentlessly, pretty much all year, I was completely crucified with allegations that were completely unfounded."

Tracey talked about how Patrick hoped the trip would help her 'go back to my normal bubbly self' and even though he said he'd be 'patient' with her and her mood, that wasn't the case.

"He would go off and leave me on my own for half the day, He would say that I asked for this and that I deserved all this bullying [and] that I just need to snap out of it. He said that because I went on MAFS it’s my responsibility and I need to fix all this."

The pair got into an intense fight resulting in Patrick leaving the country and Tracey being left stranded with no way of getting home.

Tracey then admitted "I went into a head spin and I overdosed, I just didn’t see a way out of the current situation."

The Daily Mail added that 'doctors were able to save her following the suicide bid' and since returning to Australia, Tracey has now checked herself in to a mental health clinic.

"I’m not someone who has a history of depression, but I started getting help in April because the psychologist said I might have post-traumatic stress disorder because of everything I’d been through.

“[My doctors] thought the best thing I could do was to have care to get better as quickly as possible".

We're so sad to hear this about Tracey and we're looking forward to her getting through this tough time of her life! 


 If you feel you need help dealing with depression or a difficult time in your life, call Lifeline on 0800 543 354 or the Suicide Crisis Helpline on 0508 828 865(0508 TAUTOKO). Both are available 24/7.