Kanye West wears Yeezy slides that are WAY too small to 2 Chainz' wedding

scandal 20/08/2018

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian went to 2 Chainz and Kesh Ward's wedding in Miami over the weekend and it's basically sent Twitter into meltdown. Why? Because of Kanye's shoes he was wearing. Well, not really shoes.

He was decked out in a fancy-ass suit and you'd imagine that he would match equally fancy shoes with. But he didn't. He wore a pair of Yeezy slides. With socks. And EVEN WORSE was the fact that they didn't even fit him!!!!

No seriously, they didn't.

Understandably, people on Twitter are confused by the whole thing. Why are his slides so tiny? Why is he wearing these slides at all? Just...WHY, KANYE? WHY?