Kanye West explains why he wore those small AF Yeezy slides

scandal 29/08/2018

Earlier this month Kanye West sent Twitter into meltdown mode after photos came out of him wearing Yeezy slides to 2 Chainz' wedding.

And it wasn't just because he wore Yeezys to a wedding that we were like WTF (although that is pretty weird). It was because they looked like they were at 3 sizes too small for him.

Kanye's now explained what he was up to when he decided to wear those slides. After posting a pic on twitter, it turns out they were meant to be that size as it's the japanese cultural way of wearing them:

Kanye also uploaded a photo of a t-shirt by Diet Prada which mocked the slides he wore to 2 Chainz' wedding.

Considering it took Kanye a couple of weeks to offer up the explaination, not everyone's so quick to believe that this was actually the case...