Is this a picture of a beach or a door?

trending 30/08/2018

Remember that time the Yanny or Laurel debate had the whole world devided and everyone was taking sides and yelling at eachother for hearing it differently? (Or was that last part just The Edge office?)

Well, get ready to go through all of that again because there's a whole new illusion tearing the internet apart! 

The new picture confusing the internet, which was originally shared by a woman called Becky, has people trying to figure out whether or not it's of a beach or a door...

Now we know what you're thinking, 'How TF could you ever confuse a door and a beach for each other?' Well, just take a look at the picture for yourself: 


If you've sitting there, flipping your phone around trying to figure out what's going on, then don't worry because the rest of the world feels the exact same way:

Luckily (unlike the Yanny or Laurel debate which left us with no answer for what felt like YEARS) Becky has shared another photo revealing what it's actually of...



And the answer is... a beach!