Brooklyn Nine Nine might do a #MeToo themed episode & we're 100% for it

scandal 10/08/2018

After giving us a heart attack when they said they were cancelled, Brooklyn Nine Nine is on it's way back for a brand new season!

And as if the new season wasn't enough, the show's might be doing another 'cool cool cool cool' thing and look at a #MeToo storyline.

Terry Crews recently spoke up about his own experiences of sexual assualt and now the show's creators have talked about tackling the subject too but only if they can do it right.

Showrunner Dan Goor said dealing with subjects like #MeToo are 'hard to do' and need to "feel true to what the show is and still feel funny, but still give weight to the issue and explore it in a fair way".

Dan did say though:

I can’t make a promise, but we’re really interested in trying to do a #MeToo storyline,
It’s something that we’re actively talking about in the writers room.

Whether or not the show ends up featuring a #MeToo episode or not, we're sure the 99 will still continue to talk about important issues which is why the 99 will always be one of our favs!