ASOS are selling mens crop tops and we don't know what to think

trending 24/08/2018

It's 2018, and we're very used to new, strange fashion trends popping up constantly. So this new trend isn't hugely surprising tbh, just maybe SLIGHTLY extra?

Everyone's fave online clothes heaven - ASOS - have started selling this mens crop top, and the internet have less of an issue with he fact that it's a crop top for men, but more that it's far too short to be considered a crop...

The guys from Queer Eye have shown us that a man in a crop is nothing to shy away from though (see Jonathan and Antonio below), so maybe this is just pushing the boundaries a little further - we're sure there are def guys out there who can rock them. 

In any case we can't deny they're popular - they've already sold out on the ASOS website. Get it boys.