'The End of the F***ing World' had a much darker ending originally

scandal 24/08/2018

We've just had the fantastic news last week that 'The End of the F***ing World' will be returning to Netflix for a second season.

So while everyone's still buzzing, it's no surprise that fans have delved into the original comic the show is based on - and they've discovered the ending in the show wasn't quite how it happened in the OG.

In the original graphic novel by Charles Forsman, the reason James and Alyssa are running from the police is slightly different.

SPOILER ALERT (obviously) if you haven't seen it yet.

In the third episode of the Netflix series, James and Alyssa take refuge in a seemingly empty house, which turns out to be owned by a serial killer. He almost makes Alyssa his next victim when James comes to the rescue and kills him.

In the comic, the killer's wife is a police officer, who practised Satanism alongside her husband, and begins chasing James and Alyssa to avenge her husband.

The wife's character doesn't exist in the tv show, so the ending is slightly different.

In the comic, the wife catches up with James, but is stopped from avenging her husband by a fellow police officer. James then fights back against the wife, and while he's struggling with her, a gun shot rings out and it cuts to black. 

The original story never explicitly explains what happened to James, but it does catch up with Alyssa's mum following the shot. Alyssa's mum is explained to be casually talking on the phone about how she knew James "was trash when I first met him", and that she should have stopped him taking Alyssa away. "I mean, thank God she is home safe and sound" she adds.

Then Alyssa is found in her room, clearly upset. She takes a nail, heats it in a flame and proceeds to carve James's name into her arm. 

Yikes. So if the show had've followed more closely to the comic storyline, it wouldn't have left viewers with so much speculation as to what's going to happen in season two - which is great news for us because it means we get to see more of James and Alyssa!