William and Shannan from "Queer Eye" just got married!

scandal 09/07/2018

William's episode of Queer Eye sure was a tear jerker! Remember him?

In addition to making over his home, giving him a new look, and teaching him how to cook, the Fab Five helped him propose to his girlfriend Shannan!

He got all dressed up, made a little movie for her and proposed in front of everyone. It was cute and romantic. 

Well, William and Shannan are now married!!

The show's official Instagram account shared photos and wrote, "Congratulations William and Shannan! Thank you for letting us be a part of your love story. We hope that the next phase of your life is filled with love, movies, and a lot of avocado goddess! We Shannan you both 💖✨💕"

William shared the photos as well, with the message, "On June 16, I got married to my best friend, Shannan. It was a small, private ceremony on the beaches of Amelia Island at sunrise. Our friend, Deborah Ramey officiated."

And this isn't the first time the show has been cupid. First there was Tom and Abby:

Then, there was A.J. and Andrey.

The two were dating during the show but got married after their season aired!

Annnddddd, Jason and Beth from S2 are officially together. They're not married (yet, lol) but he did postpone his move to Nevada for her so we hear some wedding bells in the future hopefully!

Congrats, William and Shannan!