We need to talk about The Handmaid’s Tale Season 2 finale


We knew she was gonna be a bumpy ride, but oh, what a ride! Spoilers ahead, obvs.

So the season two finale of The Handmaid’s tale dropped at 7pm on Lightbox, and the Edge office was ready for it from at least 4 in the afternoon.

June is such a boss queen and this ep was no exception. But it was also Serena-Joy’s time to shine - only it didn’t quite go how she thought it would. More on that later.

Here’s our super-unofficial guide to the Best Bits of S02E13. Don’t @ us.

“Your girlfriend is a badass”

It’s the first time Rita really acknowledges June and Nick’s relationship, and now we know she loves Junick as much as we do.

Rita’s really softened since June asked her to watch over Holly - the baby really is bringing humanity back to the household. And it leads to this lovely moment...

“Holly, this is your daddy”

Actual happiness. We don’t know much about Nick, but this is probably his only child and the thought he probably hasn’t really even looked at her properly, let alone held her, is actually a kicker. This moment is so loving and snuggly you almost forget they’re in a hell-hole.

The wives make a stand

Another moment where we are feeling like GIRL POWER WILL SAVE THE DAY!

And then Serena starts reading aloud and Commander Waterford gets this look on his face like he’s all constipated.

Just go to the bathroom already, you horrid man.

Cut to Emily stabbing Aunt Lydia! #wtf

TBH, it’s about damn time someone did it.

“I tried”

So after two seasons of foreshadowing that someone’s finger was gonna come off for illegally reading, it turns out that Commander Waterford had them take Serena Joy’s. He’s like, “we all have our roles to play and Serena had to be reminded of hers” as if he’s some kind of hero and she’s to blame. Ugh. Can we make a comment about how stupid his beard looks without sounding petty? TOO LATE.

Serena says goodbye

Serena Joy’s transformation this season has been so incredible. She’s such a tricky, complex character but despite everything she’s done, in this moment our hearts were breaking for her.

“What is happening?” “I’m getting myself in deep shit.”

The moment when Emily realises that rather than getting punished for topping Aunt Lydia, she can finally be with her wife and son in Canada is THE BEST. The Best. The. Best.

Oh and does her commander look familiar to you? It might be because he was Josh in The West Wing. If you haven’t seen that show you really should, it’s excellent.

Anyway, back to it.

Time to burn down the house

June decides to stay in Gilead to rescue her first daughter, Hannah. She pulls the hood over her head, gets a determined look in her eye, and we are hoping this is some sith lord realness, because in season three we want to see her bring the pain.

May the (dark) lord open.

So many feelings. So many questions! What’s going to happen to Serena? Will June ever see Nick again? How on earth is she gonna find Hannah? Will Emily get to Canada and be able to use her scars and knowledge of the colonies as proof that Gilead tortures people, causing a massive rescue mission? Does Commander Waterford miss his old life, the one where he didn’t want to cut his wife’s fingers off or blackmail people by threatening their children? Is Aunt Lydia alive or dead? Yeah, she was stabbed and fell down a flight of stairs, but that bitch is tough.

Bring on Season three!

You can catch The Handmaid's Tale on Lightbox now