WATCH: How Kylie-esque lip fillers can go terribly wrong

trending 27/07/2018

If, like us, you've been sucked in to the Love Island obsession lately, you may have noticed how most of the Islanders have amazingly full lips. 

Apparently we're not alone in being envious, with UK SISU Aesthetic Clinics reporting that there's been a 200% increase in the demand for lip fillers since Love Island's 2018 season began. Kylie's been helping the trend along for years, but maybe the Islanders are just a bit more... relatable for us normal people? 

As good as you may think they look though, doctors do have some warnings for cosmetic treatments. Dr Tijion Esho from UK show 'Body Fixers' has shared a clip on Insta of what happens when the lips become infected after a cheap procedure:

Umm YUCK! The doctor urged people to be careful where they're booking in for their treatments, and not to be lured in by cheap prices offered by unqualified practitioners. 

"Risks include bleeding, bruising, infection, and allergy" Dr Esho said.

"In some rare but most concerning cases, this can lead to tissue necrosis where the blood vessel is blocked by preventing blood to that area of tissue which can then die, leading to disfigurement. Elements that put you at high risk are the use of unregulated products, an unsanitary clinic, poor aftercare and sharing syringes."

So don't be running along to any old beauty salon to get your lips filled - you don't want to end up like the poor girl in the vid!