Want to be on 'Gogglebox NZ'? here's how to apply

trending 20/07/2018

If you've ever wanted to be apart of the viral show 'Gogglebox', here's your chance!

Earlier this week it was announced that not only is the award winning show, which is already massive in the UK and Australia, is coming to NZ but it's going to narrated by our very own Sharyn Casey!

If you're not sure what the show's about, it will focus on 10 ordinary Kiwi households, as cameras capture their reactions while they watch TV from the previous week.

Ever wonder what other people are saying about your favourite show? Are they voicing exactly what you've been thinking, or does their view shed a refreshing new light on popular culture? Sit tight, because all your questions will soon be answered.

The good news is Gogglebox NZ is still on the hunt to be apart of the show. Catch Casting has posted on Facebook calling out all 'passionate tv fans'.

'We’re looking to cast all types - from families, couples, best friends, student flats and older retired couples. You do not all have to live together in the same house to be considered and we love pets. The main criteria being you don’t take yourselves too seriously, love TV and enjoy dishing out nuggets of wisdom about every subject under the sun.'

To apply, just flick a photo of yourselves along with a contact number and a lil'blurb about your group to tvshow@catchcasting.com. 

Check out the full post below.