This weird car park crash in Perth has divided the internet

trending 13/07/2018

Dashcam footage of two drivers crashing in a school car park in Perth has gone viral because noone can agree who they think is in the wrong.

The video was uploaded by Mark Warner to the 'Perth's Worst Drivers' Facebook page last week, and has gathered a lot of steam since then, going worldwide with people arguing over who they think caused the crash. 

In the footage we can see a white Ford reversing out of a carpark as a Honda SUV reverses in to a park next to it. 

Tbh we're on the side of most people, saying the white Ford driver was in the wrong:

"Totally the white cars fault. The SUV was half in the bay already when the white car started to move. The white car didn’t look at all," one person commented. 

"The dark car was already moving into the bay. White car clearly never looked or used mirrors," said another.

Some blamed it on the SUV, saying: "Perfect reason why the dude in the suv should have picked the next empty spot!"

And another simply saying: "50/50 both clowns … they should open a circus!" 

What do you reckon?