This new board game is like 'Operation' but with popping pimples instead

trending 13/07/2018

It's no secret that popping pimples is a very satisfying feeling - it's even been scientifically proven. A pimple popping toy has even been invented, and now it's been taken to the next level. 

Dr Pimple Popper - the instafamous Sandra Lee - has now brought us Pimple Pete - a board game where the aim is to gently pop pimples on Pete's face to remove the pus. 

Each player takes a turn flicking the spinner, and the arrow will land on one of four areas of his face: forehead, left cheek, right cheek or chin. The player then chooses which pimple to 'pop' - basically just wiggling it out from it's hole. The pimples vary in difficulty of removal. 

The catch is if you pull out a pimple too hard you might set off the "Mega-Zit" on Pete's nose, which will spray the unlucky player with water.

Basically, if you loved 'Operation' - you know the game where you try and remove a patient's different ailments without touching the sides? - you're gonna love this!