The Instagram post Kim Kardashian reportedly got paid $500K for

scandal 13/07/2018

Like most people, you're probably familiar with the feeling of working your ass off for your money. So it's a little hard to hear that Kim Kardashian is reportedly getting paid about $500,000 for one - yes, one - Instagram post.

The American star got the money in 2017 where she promoted the medical company Duchesnay USA.

Science and medicine news site STAT obtained a 2017 contract between Duchesnay and Kardashian, reportedly revealing that the company paid her a whopping $500,000 (yes, half a mill) to chat about some morning sickness drug called Diclegis.

And yes it does read like a punishing paid post.

The caption reads: "#Ad#DYK4 million babies are born each year in the US. That means a lot of my US followers are mommies2B who could have morning sickness like I did! I want to share what helped me: Diclegis® (doxylamine succinate/pyridoxine HCl), the only FDA-approved medication for morning sickness when diet & lifestyle changes fail.

"My doctor assured me that it's safe & effective for mom & baby. It's also easy to recognize - it has the cutest pregnant lady on it! #DontSufferinSilenceyou're not alone! If you have morning sickness, ask your healthcare provider if #Diclegis is right for you. The most common side effect of Diclegis is drowsiness."

Do you reckon she said the product name enough? 😂

Now, hands up who wants to be an influencer?