New Netflix show 'Insatiable' is set to become our new obsession

scandal 20/07/2018

Remember Debby Ryan from Disney Channel's 'Suite Life on Deck' and 'Jessie'? Well she's got a new Netflix show coming out and we can't wait!

We're always on the look out for new shows to binge, and since Riverdale isn't back for another few months, we reckon this is a great fill-in of our weekly dose of dark teen comedy.

Debby Ryan plays Patty in the show - an overweight teen who is bullied at school until she get an injury that means she has to have her jaw wired shut over the summer holidays. This consequently means she sheds so much weight that she's considered 'hot' when she returns to school. Unable to accept that everyone is suddenly nice to her, Patty embarks on a mission to avenge for the way she was treated. 

Ryan Seacrest is among 'Insatiable's producers, saying of the show:

"We all wait for our lives to begin until we are a little bit more like this or a little bit less like this. This is a story of a girl who has just achieved what she thought would be the jumpstart of her life, and now realizes that she spent a lot of her identity waiting for this moment and doesn't know who she is. Everything that I've gone through and gotten therapy for and talked with my friends about, every kind of trauma and confusion and illness and strange reckoning in my life and the life of my loved ones, are dealt with on this show."

Sounds like we're in for a pretty wild ride with this one, and we're excited! Bring on August 10th!