Maisie Williams got a new Game of Thrones tattoo

scandal 26/07/2018

Game of Thrones has no doubt been massive for viewers and the actors and actresses starring in it.

So it's only right that some of the faces on the show are displaying their gratitude for the TV program that shot them to stardom.

Game of Thrones shot Maisie Williams to stardom after she was cast as Arya Stark in 2011. Before that, she had never had a paid acting gig. But also, to be fair, she was only 14.

Now she's got her tribute to GOT permanently imprinted on her body!

She posted a compilation of photos to her Instagram that showed her in a tattoo studio, followed by a run through of the ink that she had done.

On the back of her neck, she now sports the words "No One" in typewriter font - a reference to her character Arya Stark's storyline in recent seasons of the show. 

On her arm is a daisy, which is thought to be a reference to her new app Daisie - a social media platform for budding artists.

The third tattoo is more cryptic: in the same typewriter font, it reads "little rascal". We're not too sure about this one tbh.

She's not the first Game of Thrones star to have a reference from the show inked on her body.

Her co-star and on-screen sister Sophie Turner has "the pack survives" and the image of a dire wolf imprinted on her.