Love Island's Grant & Tayla might be about to reunite on another reality show

scandal 27/07/2018

Grant & Tayla might be finished up with Love Island but that doesn't mean that's going to be the last we'll be seeing of them on TV...

It's been a busy month for the pair. First they won Love Island Australia for 2018, next  it came out Grant had a secret GF outside the show, then Tayla announcing they've broken up on Insta... but wait now Grant's saying he didn't think they'd actually broken up and OMG CAN IT JUST STOP ALREADY. 

Now Grant's agent has hinted that he could be going to star on MTV's Ex On The Beach and hopes we might all get to witness a #grayla reunion.

While talking with Daily Mail Australia, Grant's Agent said:

I think he'd be a perfect fit for Ex On The Beach, especially since the split

Maybe Tayla could appear on the show too - he really does miss her.

Even though Grant was on the Australian version of Love Island, his agent is hopeful his profile will grow to the same size as the stars who appear on the UK version and be enough to make him a popular option for Ex On The Beach.

Nothing is yet locked in so watch this space because know doubt the drama between the two is far from over.