Kylie Jenner responds to fans criticising Travis Scott for not knowing dogs' names

scandal 20/07/2018

Kylie Jenner has defended her boyfriend Travis Scott after he revealed in a GQ interview that he doesn't know the names of her dogs

"Norman.....Lady..." the rapper begins, before Kylie cut him off. "Lady?! Remember they're all like Normie, they all have the -ie! Baby there's four, you got one!"

The pair have been together for a year and he still doesn't know her doggos' names! LOL #embarrassing

After the interview hit YouTube, fans were baffled at how her baby daddy had such a limited understanding of her beloved pooches, and took to social media to let him know of their disappointment.

But Jenner was quick to jump to her man's defense, explaining that not even her famous mother or sisters know all of her dogs' names.

My fam can't even tell me all my dogs' names if their life was on it! I gotta give everybody a little lesson on the names lol 🐕😂

For those wondering, the names of her dogs are Norman, Bambi, Rosy and Harley. Definitely not Lady!

For all you BFs out there - pay attention!