John Mayer does the trolling we all want to do on Justin Bieber's hot tub make-out pic

scandal 16/07/2018

Justin Bieber found himself in the middle of a hot makeout session and of course shared the moment on Instagram. WOW.

We feel like we're invading their space a little tbh.

Justin had actually originally shared two more photos from the tub, but as Teen Vogue noted, he deleted them shortly afterwards. 

Now, enter John Mayer. He's the hero we all realised we needed when he came in and asked the question that we didn't consider until now:


Was this person actually sitting INSIDE the tub? Or was it zoomed in? Did Bieber just ask for it? Say "yo, I'm gonna passionately kiss my girl now - you take a photo". 

Erm. Uncomfortable.