Jamie Curry opens up about how she proposed to her fiancée

scandal 23/07/2018

After nine months of keeping her engagement under wraps, Jamie Curry has revealed how her love story unfolded with fiancée Laura Nye.

The Kiwi YouTuber published a video coming out to fans in June, also announcing she was engaged to a mystery woman.

Now, in an interview with Woman's Day, the 21-year-old explains she had to work to win UK-born Nye's affections initially.

"She thought I was annoying at first," Curry said. "She didn't like me at all.

"I'm used to people coming up and talking to me, but Laura was avoiding me - she didn't even like my vids."

Curry and Nye, also 21, got together while she was on holiday in New Zealand.

The vlogger said she had an epiphany about their relationship seven months later while travelling in Paris with her family.

"I was sitting in a restaurant by myself and just thought, 'I want to marry that girl'," she told Woman's Day.

She said she wrote a note to herself at the time, and decided to plan a romantic proposal - but it all went out the window.

"I ended up just blurting it out one night," she said.

"I had no rings and she didn't believe me until I showed her that note from Paris."

Curry has over 1.3 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, 'Jamie's World'. Her video titled 'my sexuality' has been viewed by around the same number of people. 

"I didn't realise how many people would relate to the video about my sexuality," she said.

"If someone else can learn from me or relate to it in some way, there's a purpose now...that was part of my problem before - I was never excited about making content because it wasn't honest.

"Now I can be honest about everything."

Curry and Nye reportedly plan to get hitched in 2019.

SOURCE: Newshub.