G-Eazy insists 'Demi Lovato is just a friend'

scandal 20/07/2018

Rapper G-Eazy has insisted he is just friends with Demi Lovato after they were recently spotted leaving a Los Angeles club holding hands.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight G-Eazy referred to Lovato as 'just a friend'.

G-Eazy was previously dating Halsey however just under 3 weeks ago, Halsey took to her Instagram story to announce that her and G-Eazy had recently split. 

Since then Halsey has tweeted a couple of things that suggests that G-Eazy may have cheated on her. 

The first tweet was of a scissor emoji which she then deleted. This got fans assuming that it was a reference to G-Eazy's 'Him & I' lyrics, 'Ever catch me cheating, she would try to cut my d*ck off.'

The singer then went on to tweet the words 'pumpkin eater' which again got fans assuming it was a reference to the rhyme 'cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater'. Halsey has left the tweet lives despite all her fans commenting on it claiming cheating conspiracies.