Coke is making alcoholic fizzy and we're into it

trending 20/07/2018

Coca-Cola can do no wrong in our eyes, and their newest creation is no exception. 

We're going to get the bad news out of the way first as to not get your hopes up - Coke's new alcoholic beverages will only be available in Japan according to a BBC report... but hey, an excuse for a cheeky holiday right?

In Japan, an alcoholic drink called Chu-Hi is becoming more and more popular - it's a carbonated drink made with a Japanese spirit called shochu. Shochu is made from sweet potato, barley, rice and other ingredients, and is then distilled. It's relatively low alcohol percentage (3-8%) makes it a good alternative for people who aren't into beer. It's basically like a Smirnoff Ice or a Vodka Cruiser.

So Coke is trying to rival the drink with their new 'alco-pop', the first-ever alcoholic drink they've made in their 126 years. 

The drink is named Lemon-Do, a spirit-based drink with a citrus flavour. People tasting samples of the drink at a pre-launch event commented saying "I like the strong lemon flavour" and called it "refreshing".

"In addition to the fact the lemon-flavored drinks make up the largest share of the alcopop market here, we wanted to make the most of Coca-Cola's long-developed know-how on fruit-flavored drinks," said a company official.

If the drink does well, we might get to try it over here in the future - fingers crossed!