A 'Breaking Bad' and 'Better Call Saul' crossover is actually happening!

scandal 20/07/2018

This is the moment every Breaking Bad fan has been waiting for.

Every since Better Call Saul, a spinoff of Breaking Bad, premiered back in 2015, fans have been waiting for the two shows to crossover and today we finally got the very exciting news that it's actually happening.

The announcment was made during Better Call Saul's 2018 Comic-Con panel earlier today. Writer and director, Peter Gould said:

You're going to see some stuff that's going to look very familiar in a delightful way

Breaking Bad didn't take their time jumping on the news, with their official twitter account saying "THE CROSSOVER BEGINS".

While we're not sure how the shows will cross paths, here's hoping it'll have something to do with Water White and Jesse Pinkman!

Incase you've got some episodes to catch up on before the cross over, you can watch 'Better Call Saul' now on Lightbox plus check out the trailer for season 4 below: