'Stranger Things' Upside Down shorts are a thing and they're wild

trending 13/07/2018

One of our all time fave Netflix series', 'Stranger Things', has brought with it a pretty huge fandom, with merch of all kinds being released.

The latest in the products comes from New York City vintage clothing store CIE Denim, releasing a range of 'Upside Down' jeans and shorts:

Named after Nancy Wheeler of 'Stranger Things', the 'Nancy' shorts are made to be completely upside down!

They also come in a darker shade, 'El', named after the shows main star Eleven.

There are also a few different styles of jeans available, named after characters Will, Lucas and Mike. 

Fans seemed to like the idea, but the price point might be a littllleeeeee out of our range - a pair of shorts will set you back US$385, and a pair of jeans US$495. Eeeek!