'Bean' The pug was just arrested and his mugshot is everything

trending 19/07/2018

Everyone knows the rule. If you can't do the time, don't do the crime but that didn't stop this doggo from being one of the baddest good boys in town.

After trespassing into a home that wasn't his, The Cape May Police Department set their eyes on bringing down the menacing pug known as Bean (another rule this doggo made the error of breaking). Like other criminals, Bean spent many dog days on the run from the cops (actually, it was probably more like a fast paced waddle since pugs can't run that fast) but in the end he was caught, put on a leash, and arrested.

And don't let his unbelievable adorable mugshot, or 'pugshot' as we like to call it, fool you, this little guy deserves everyth- OMG WHAT ARE WE SAYING, JUST LOOK AT HIS CUTE LIL'FACE.

As you can tell by the look in Bean's eyes as he peeps out the cell door, it seems he definitely learnt his lesson and after a long wait, once his bail was paid in cookies, Bean was picked up by his family and taken back to HIS home.