Your Insta stories are about to get way more lit

trending 29/06/2018

Insta stories are an art form of their own - do you go with a Boomerang, add a funny GIF, or go simple with a location tag? Choices, choices.

Well you're about to get more choice to make your stories way more fun. Instagram have announced the first-of-a-kind feature to add music directly to your stories.

Whether it's a pic or video, you'll be able to add a song straight from Instagram's growing library of popular music. It works the same way as adding a GIF or hashtag - go to the sticker menu and you'll see a music icon.  

You can add the song before or after taking a video or pic, or even select a specific part you want to play. 

It's only available on iOS at the moment soz Android users, but hopefully you'll get to join in the fun soon. 

Lucky for us, NZ is one of the select countries that get the feature first - so update your app ASAP if you can't see it yet. 

BRB, we're off to get some sick 'grams.