Woman's warning after this popular $15 Kmart item 'explodes'

trending 05/06/2018

An Australian woman has revealed how a $15 set of Kmart scales "exploded" on her bathroom floor. 

Louise - who didn't want her surname revealed - posted about her experience on Kmart Mums Australia Facebook page, 7 News reports. 

The scales "exploded sending glass everywhere," she wrote. 

"I lightly nudged them and they exploded.

"Glass went everywhere. As I was cleaning up, the shards shattered into smaller and smaller pieces. Kmart has been notified," she said.

New Zealand Kmart stores also sell a $15 set of scales which look similar to the item Louise posted about. Kmart New Zealand has been contacted by Newshub.

Some mothers in the Facebook group claimed the scales were fine, but others said their scales had exploded as well. 

An Australian Kmart spokesperson told 7 News the store "is committed to the quality and safety of all our products for our customers and the community".

"We are sorry to hear of this experience and have spoken directly to the customer. Our quality team are reviewing the product as a priority."

SOURCE: Newshub.