This woman posted a selfie & the internet can't get over the state of her bathroom


Last week, Paula Sophia Garcia Espino posted a selfie on social media. As you do. She was holidaying in Mexico. And it caught people's eyes. For an odd reason.

This is the selfie: 

"I was literally about to delete the picture but I decided not to," she said.

"I didn't actually think much of where things were placed when I took the picture," she said. "I just focused on how I looked instead of what was going on behind me."

See, the design of the bathroom had people WILD on Twitter. As @virtualcry first noted, the toilet paper was so high up and far from the toilet.


How does this even work? Many speculated.

Someone else observed that there also appears to be a towel rack underneath the toilet.

Thirdly, there's a power point situated by the door and toilet. Odd.

Like, yeah, charge and pee but how long are you really planning on being on the toilet for!? 

The trifecta of bad bathroom design decisions has people perplexed and frustrated.

Because Buzzfeed are the true heroes here, they asked Espino to shed some light on the situation. 

First of all, she explained that the bathroom belongs to her aunt, as she was staying in her house during the trip to Mexico.

As for the other issues, Espino consulted her aunt per the request of BuzzFeed News:

* "My aunt said that she doesn't even use the rack under the toilet at all."

* "She's always on her phone for hours since she can charge it while she's doing her business."

* "For other utilities like the hair dryer and stuff, she does find it annoying that she can't be near the mirror."

* And for the most important issue that's been raised, Espino wants everyone to know, and to rest assured, that there is a roll of toilet paper next to the toilet.

"To be honest I never noticed all these odd things until people pointed them out," she said, laughing.

And there it is.