This lilo with a hole for your boobs is everything

trending 29/06/2018

With the shortest day of the year behind us, we've got one thing on our minds - summer is getting closer every day. We know it feels like winter just started but let us dream of warm sunny days lounging in a pool to make ourselves feel better. 

In light of this, lingerie brand Bravissimo have released the summer accessory of every big-chested woman's dreams -  a lilo with a hole for your boobs!

As anyone with boobs will know, lying on your front sunbathing isn't the most comfortable of positions. Bravissimo thought they would have a laugh at this on April Fools' Day by announcing the release of the lilo - but customers actually thought it was a great idea and were upset it was only a joke.

So Bravissimo decided to make it a reality!

After seein the overwhelmingly positive responses from their fans, the brand posted:

'You asked for it… so we’ve given it a go!'

'Thanks to the overwhelming response from you Bravissimo girls on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, we realised we couldn’t let you go on holiday this summer without a lilo with room for your boobs… so here it is!'

Roll on summer! (Please...)