Patrick Gower reveals he's been going blind

scandal 29/06/2018

Writing for Newshub, Patrick Gower says "I have glaucoma. I have been losing my sight - I have been going blind."

The shocking news has come from the legendary broadcaster today - but it's not all bad. Because it was detected early, Gower will keep his sight.

If you're not sure what glaucoma is, as Gower describes it as the "silent thief of sight". 

"Glaucoma is caused by increased pressure in the eyes. You can't feel it, but it grinds away at the eye's optic nerve. And once those nerve fibres are gone, they are gone forever.

It starts by taking your peripheral vision, which is why it is hard to notice. Then it takes your direct sight."

Because Gower had regular eye checkups, it was detected early and fixing it was easy because he knew he had it.

It is estimated that there are 90,000 people with glaucoma in New Zealand - but only 45,000 have been officially diagnosed. That means there are 45,000 people out there  who have glaucoma who don't know about it.


- Newshub