Netflix have brought out a new crime podcast that looks into your fave docos


Netflix are venturing further than your TV and now have a podcast! And if you're a fan of true crime documentaries like The Staircase and The Keepers then this is definitely for you!

It’s called You Can’t Make This Up and it really gets into the subject matter of some of Netflix Original's biggest docos by asking questions that you totally have had probably!

The synopsis reads:

"This podcast series digs into the real stories behind Netflix Original true stories – how filmmakers got access, what ended up on the cutting room floor and even the impact a Netflix show can have on the real lives of its subjects.”

Netflix has episodes of the podcast for The Staircase, Wild Wild Country, The Keepers, and Evil Genius. 

They’re also going to get an ep up on Making A Murderer!

You can find it on iTunes here