How many calories you actually consume while drunk eating

trending 15/06/2018

Ah, it's 3am in the morning, the bar is closed and now it's time to head home to hit the sack but before you do all you feel like doing is smashing back a mouth-watering burger.

We all know that this isn't the healthiest lifestyle to lead however the number of calories you consume might actually surprise you.

According to an American study by, Taco Bell, McDonald's, Waffle House, Denny's & IHOP were the top 5 destinations to head to after a hard night out.

Deep diving into the top three, the calories consumed  are broken down as follows:


  • Taco Bell = 715 calories
  • McDonald's = 750 calories
  • Waffle House = 949 calories


  • Taco Bell = 730 calories
  • McDonald's = 826 calories
  • Waffe House = 1,009 calories

Considering the daily caloric needs of women are between 1,600 - 2,400 calories per day and men are between 2,000 - 3,000 calories, consuming a bunch of tasty takeaways after some alcoholic beverages adds up which blows that normal calorie intake out of the water.

So next time you decide to head to your local fast-food joint in the early hours of the morning you might want to re-consider a healthierer option instead.