Eyal was in a boyband before Love Island, lol! Here's the music vid

scandal 15/06/2018

Love Island babe Eyal Booker is known on the show for his long curly locks and his love of the word "deep", but the 22-year-old also has a secret past.

While it was revealed that he was a model as he entered the Mallorca villa, Megan Barton Hanson's TV partner once had a very different job, starring in a band named EverYoung. 

And a clip has emerged of Eyal's previous music career for all to see, as hilarious footage of him and his bandmates Hollie McKinlay, Jack Morlen and Cherelle Williams has gone viral. 

It didn't take long for Love Island fans to come across the video online and mercilessly mock him in the comments. 

Is that really him?," one wrote alongside two crying laughing emojis, before adding: "Cringe". 

Another chipped in: "OMG NO NO NO". 

A third wrote: "OMGG HE WAS IN THIS BAND?!! how sad i acc knew this band ages ago and didnt know he was in it". 

HAHAHA you can't hid your past from us, Eyal!