Did Shortland Street say f**k in an episode? The BSA thinks not


A viewer of Shortland Street has called out the soap for apparently saying "f**k" in an episode. The "F word" of course would have breached broadcasting standards and TVNZ has argued that the show had instead said "freaking".

The Broadcasting Standards Authority (BSA) did not uphold the complaint. Although in its judgement the BSA said the complainant was right to protest because broadcasters are responsible to ensure any sanitised versions of swearwords are "distinctly aurally different".

The questionable episode aired in December last year, and featured a scene where character Jack Hannah confronted a police officer. The officer said: "You've got no freaking idea what we can do. You think you're smart, you all do. Nothing but scum, your mongrel Dad, your crim Mum."

To make its judgement, BSA members watched the scene in question several times. In their judgement, they said they had not heard "freaking".